1. Users are free to use any computer but will be responsible for the designated computer and adhere to the Computer Lab Rules and Regulation.

2. All computers should be banned for Social Sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Etc.

3. Cell Phones are to be turned OFF or set to silence while in the Lab.

4. Disruptive behaviour such as shouting, or cursing will not be tolerated. Users who become disruptive will be asked to leave.

5. Anything saved on the computer hard drive (My Document folder, desktop etc.) will be deleted. Data files created in the lab should be saved directly on a USB or Clouds drive.

6. Users must ensure that their USB Devices is free of any viruses. The CSM Lab will not be responsible for the loss and deletion of files in the USB Device.

7. Changing hardware and software configurations in the computer labs is prohibited. This includes modifications of the settings, configurations of printers and modification of system software. Violators of this policy will be referred to the proper authority for appropriate action,  which may include the loss of computer privileges.
8. Lab Time Tabling - If a lab is not used for a laboratory class or session, any user is free to enter for daily work.