1. The venue or location for the event MUST be approved by venue custodian i.e. Event & Conference Management Department (ECMD), Corporate Communication Division (CCD) or Academic Central Services (ACS) Department.

2. All student activities MUST be endorsed and approved by club/society advisor (UTP staff) and Student Support & Services respectively.

3. IT & Media Services Department (ITMS) will only process any request based on the endorsed / approved (HOD / DVC’s / Student Support Services) documents submitted as below,

The proposal should be included with:-

i. Request for Events Form (RFE) approved by ECMD,CCD for Venue & Events .
ii. Proposed event flow.
iii. Sketch for arrangement of IT/AV equipment in the hall.
*ITMS has the right to reject any request that is either incomplete or without endorsement from respective parties as mentioned above.

4. Any request MUST be made at least within 5 WORKING DAYS prior to the event date and will be subjected to the approval by ITMS department. The request on IT/AV equipment will be based on its availability.

5. Should the event requires a rehearsal session; it would be done 1-day prior the actual event date (during working hours only).