How to apply for a student vehicle sticker (First-time application/New Application)

Kindly log your request through the Unified Customer Service (UCS) Portal. You may refer to the guideline provided as below:
Title                :           Student Vehicle Sticker Application (New)
Type               :           Request
Subject           :           SSD – Vehicle Sticker Application
Your Enquiry:
Please provide the following information

  • Vehicle plate number
  • Type of vehicle (car, motorcycle, etc.)
  • Vehicle brand & model (i.e.: Proton Persona)
  • Colour of vehicle.
  • Student ID
  • Contact number
  • Full village address (if staying on campus)
  • Resident address (if staying outside of campus)
Attach files:
  • Copy of Student ID
  • Copy of NRIC/Passport
  • Copy of valid Driving license
  • Copy of vehicle document (Grant or insurance cover note)
  • Authorisation letter from the owner of the vehicle to use the vehicle on campus if:
    1. The applicant is not the owner of the vehicle.
    2. The name on the vehicle document does not match the applicant's name.
    3. Sample of authorisation letter

Senior Manager
Security Services Department
Universiti Teknologi Petronas

I, (name of the vehicle owner), hereby authorise the following applicant to use my vehicle on University campus.
Name: (Applicant's name)
Student ID Number:
Details of my vehicle are as follows:
Vehicle plate number:
Type of vehicle: (Car/Motorcycle/etc.)
The applicant and I will bear the responsibilities for any consequences towards the vehicle on campus.
Owner name
NRIC/Passport number
Contact number

Terms and conditions

  1. Vehicle sticker is non-transferable to any other vehicle or other students. Kindly apply for a new vehicle sticker if you wish to change your vehicle. Students are only allowed to apply one sticker for either motorcar or motorcycle.
  2. The cost of a vehicle sticker is RM2.00. The payment can be made online as below:
  • Universiti Teknologi Petronas, Bank Account No: 8004852703 – CIMB.
  • For reference: Please mention the matric no and the title being Payment of vehicle sticker.
  • Please attach the transaction/bank-in-slip upon settlement of the vehicle sticker payment through the UCS Portal.
  1. You are required to abide by all traffic rules prescribed by the University and all traffic laws enforced by the Government of Malaysia. Please observe all traffic signs such as speed limits, no entry, one way, etc.
  2. Kindly park your vehicle in designated areas only.
  3. The consequences of breaching any rules are as follows:
    1. Maximum RM50.00 summon will be issued and/or
    2. Wheel clamping (RM50.00 for release charge + RM50.00 summons). The clamping release charge is to be paid immediately before your vehicle can be released and/or
    3. Your vehicle sticker will be confiscated. You need to meet the security Senior Manager/his representative for his jurisdiction and/or
    4. Cancellation of vehicle sticker - you are not allowed to drive on campus/your vehicle will be stopped from entering the University campus/ your name will be blacklisted for future application of vehicle sticker.
    5. Your name will be submitted to the University Disciplinary Committee for disciplinary action.
  1. Vehicle sticker is not applicable for Foundation students.
  2. Borrowing/renting the vehicle to other students
    1. Please ensure that they have a valid driving license.
    2. Please ensure they are not a Foundation student.
    3. Please ensure that they abide by all rules related to traffic as prescribed by the University and laws enforced by the Government of Malaysia.
    4. Please ensure that they are not using your vehicle for illegal activities.
    5. All consequences as stated in 4.1 to 4.5 will be incurred to you.
  3. Using other vehicles temporarily
    1. Do not use/paste your registered/current vehicle sticker.
    2. Please obtain a temporary vehicle permit from the main entrance security counter.
  4. If you wish to park your vehicle in non-designated areas temporarily
    1. Please notify the security office in advance. Approval is subject to jurisdiction.
    2. Please request a special parking permit through the UCS portal.

When you are driving/riding your vehicle outside the campus and the vehicle sticker is displayed, please consider the image of the University by following all the traffic rules enforced by the Government of Malaysia.