I would like to ask regarding the procedure to change study mode, from full time to part-time. Are there any requirements to fulfill? How much the fees if change the study mode? What additional information that needs to know as a part-time student?


Please find below the step by step guides for change programme mode: 
1.Visit our portal at link :   
2.Scroll down and select form no. 003 (Change of Enrolment Details). Three (3) links will be appeared. Click on link "Application Form To Change Programme Mode".
3.Read the Terms & Conditions.
4.Fill up all the details. In the remark section, please state your reasons (e.g, financial problem, medical. etc.).
4.Upon submission of your application, you will be notified by the system on the status of your application.

If the application is submitted before registration period ends, the new mode of fee rate will be charged to students. However if the application was submitted after registration period ends, the origninal fee rate will be charged. The new mode of fee only will take effect on the following semester.

Student change mode from fulltime to part time on month of March 2028 (after add/drop period).  Student will be charge for fulltime rate for January  2028 semester, and will be charged part time rate starting from July 2028 semester(Research)/May 2028(Coursework).

For part time (research) students, there is no financial assistance (i.e. GA,GRA, TFA, etc.) will be available. Student either can secured a scholarship or pay the tuition fee by themself. Please also be advised that expenses for conference and publication (i.e. accommodation, registration fee, travel, etc.) for part time student will not be covered by UTP.