I would like to ask regarding the procedure to change study mode, from full time to part-time. Are there any requirements to fulfill? How much the fees if change the study mode? What additional information that needs to know as a part-time student?        
Answer: To change your study mode from full-time to part time, you may apply it via CGS online form.  The forms can be assessed at In order for you to access these forms, you have to open it via Microsoft Office 365 by using your UTP email address. Please find the following instructions/ important notes:    The application ONLY can be submitted within a new semester begins or before the end of “Add and Drop” registration period. Any application submitted after the “Add and Drop” , the programmed will be effective in the following academic semester.    Applicant must have at least completed one semester of study with one semester assessment results. Exceptions may be granted by the Dean of Centre for Graduate Studies (CGS).    Applications to change programme must obtain prior endorsement by supervisor and Head of Department and approval from Dean of CGS.    The approved Change Programme Mode application will be effective in the following semester unless it had been approved during “Add and Drop” in current semester.    Applicant must obtain the “Change of Programme Mode” official letter from the UTP Registry before continuing study in the new programme mode For part time research mode, the tuition fee is RM 1,200 per year (RM 600 per semester). For part time students, there is no financial assistance (i.e. GA,GRA, TFA, etc.) will be available. You either can secured a scholarship or pay the tuition fee by yourself. Please be advised that expenses for conference and publication (i.e. accommodation, registration fee, travel, etc.) will not be covered by UTP for part time students.