QUESTION 1 : If I convert to part-time student, can I convert back to full-time student? 2. If yes, can I get the financial assistance (GA/GRA)?
ANSWER 1 : Yes, you may change to full time again subject to approval of Dean of CGS. However it is important to be highlighted that, if you exceed the maximum candidacy of full time mode, you will not allowed to change again to part time.Example : Maximum Candidacy for Master Full Time Mode is 3 years from admission date and for Master Part Time is 6 Years from admission date. You will not allowed to change to full time if you already been in UTP for 4 years.

QUESTION 2 : How to request for GA experience letter ? 
ANSWER 2 : Apply Online "GA Certification letter'' and make sure to get all the respective lecturers sign for supporting letter. CGS will issue GA cerification letter stated the GA duration and etc.

QUESTION 3 : How to convert GA to GRA because I couldn’t find the application online. ANSWER 3 : To convert GA to GRA you need to Email Mr Aqil Zafry your details (name,ID,purpose to convert) and if it's accepted Mr Aqil Zafry will send a link or form for students to apply it. The form should be submit hardcopy and manually to CGS counter.(with approved sign from RIO).

QUESTION 4 : Is it possible to know my GA hours and how long is the maximum of GA hours ? 
ANSWER 4 : You may email Mr Zulkifly (GA/TFA Matters) @ Mr Aqil Zafry (GRA Matters)(name,ID,GA hours). The minimum of GA hours is 12 hr daily,maximum is 20 hour and exemption to extend GA hour only will be given to new registered GA students expecially international.(not able to register online) and the GA must be related to GA activities only for example Tutorial,exam,Lab etc.

QUESTION 5 : Is it possible to extend GA duration ?
ANSWER 5 : You may submit GA extension form online from CGS online form

QUESTION 6 : Is it possible if new students offered under TFA convert to GA?
ANSWER 6 : Fyi, even there is availability of GA slot, CGS cannot simply convert the student's sponsorshp to GA. Firstly, student's need to be under TFA at least a month, then apply for GA extension form online (same as new GA applicant) and submit apppeal letter endorse by Sv,HOD and dean of CGS. It is subject to CGS approval.