What is the procedure for paper publication(Conference)?        

ANSWER:Students need to notify CGS by submit all related documents as followed:                                                                  
1)Apply paper presentation online.                                              
2)Apply Travel notification form and attached Screenshot email approval of paper presentation for supporting document.(after paper presentation approved)                                             
3)If students sponsored by CGS(Non-Estcon) for Conference, they may submit Claim for Travelling and Others(form) attached all related document online. Else,non-sponsored by CGS.Ex:Sv grant,YUTP and others, students need to deal with RIO for Claim or any related respective department based on their sponsorship.

I would like to ask about conference and what will be cover by CGS?                                                                                             
Answer:The Conference is categorized by two types              
1)Estcon conference shall be paid by the student's grant.        
2)Non- Estcon Conference(southeast asia only), CGS only cover fees for RM3000 and Travelling(public transport) except toll and minyak kereta. 

CGS allocation(CGS sponsor) :                                        
1)Conference: MSc once and PhD twice.                    
2)Journal:MSc&PhD unlimited.                                                      
*CGS can cover directly but it is depends on organizer to accept the letter of undertaking from CGS.