1. When is the payment day for staff claims & advances?
Every Monday for all approved claims & advances by Friday 12 noon.
Every Thursday for all approved claims & advances by Tuesday 12 noon. Except for Public Holiday

2. Why my claim rejected by FS2?

a) your invoice/receipt is not comply with FS2 requirements  

 i) UTP name should appeared in the 1st billing name    
ii) poor image quality of invoice/receipt  
iii) wrong usage of "Miscellaneous" expense type  
iv) no google maps for mileage claims  
 v) booking confirmation is not a receipt/invoice

b) no approval email from Finance & Procurement
c) receipt/invoice is more than RM500 for procurement items

3. Why cash advance not reimburse to my account after my superior's approval?
a) check your start date
b) cash advance will be reimbursed to your account at least 3 days before start date
c) if you require cash advance earlier than event/travelling date, please change start date to the earlier date

4. Why my status of TVM is error in posting FI?
Please log incident to PET ICT on the error occured by email to or call 03-2331 3333 5.

I have balance from my cash advances, what should I do?
Refund can be made through on-line fund transfer into company's bank account.
Then raise refund request in MyPassport.

Details of your company's bank account are as follows:-
Receiver Bank: CIMB Bank Berhad
Account No.: 98001000358002
*Please inform your Finance Department immediately for any settlement made.