Question What is Low Value Purchase (LVP)?
Answer    Low Value Purchase starting from RM1.00 up to RM 250,000.00.

Question What process/method of purchase available for Low Value Purchase (LVP)?
Answer    Open bidding, Direct purchase (Bid Waiver), P Card.

Question How open bidding works?
Answer    For open bidding process, procurement will invite PETRONAS registered vendor only through systems.

Question How long is the process for open bidding?
Answer    Our client charter is 23 working days upon receiving completed documents from end user until Purchase Order (PO) issuance.

Question Can I my student do the evaluation for open bidding?
Answer    Only UTP staff are allowable to do evaluation.

Question What is the criteria for direct purchase (Bid Waiver)?
Answer    Bid Waiver can be allowed only when the vendor is sole agent in Malaysia, holds a unique skills or expertise that make it immposible for anyone else to do the work, or the goods are not available from any other source.

Question How long is the process for Bid Waiver?
Answer    For registered PETRONAS vendor takes seven (7) working days while unrgeistered vendor takes seventeen (17) working days.

Question I would like to purchase a laptop, hard drive, keyboard, etc. Can I use Bid Waiver as a method of purchase?
Answer    The items consider common items as we can purchase it from registered PETRONAS vendor through open bidding.

Question Can unregistered PETRONAS vendor supplying goods or services to UTP?
Answer    Yes they can provided they fulfill the Bid Waiver criteria. Procurement will request temporary regsitration from PETRONAS Licensing Unit to register them for PO issuance.

Question What is P Card?
Answer    P Card is a virtual card that have a daily limit of RM 15,000.00. For asset, the purchase is limited to RM 5,000.00 only.

Question Can I use P Card anywhere?
Answer    No. You can only purchase from our registered P Card vendor. Currently we have four (4) P Card vendor covering chemicals and lab consumables, IT and office supplies, and electrical items (mentol, bulb, etc.)

Question I already ordered chemicals through P Card but until now I still have yet to receive any PO from Procurement.
Answer    P Card PO is unique and different from normal PO as its only valid for fourteen (14) calendar days. Normally, Procurement will email to vendor for order confirmation and will issue the PO after all the items is ready for delivery.

Question I would like to purchase through P Card. What should I do?
Answer    Please fill in the One Purchase forms and request a quotation from P Card vendor. If using grant, please submit to R&I. If using deparment budget, you may submit directly to Procurement.

Question Is fragmentation allowable?
Answer    No. Fragmentation is consider breach of Procurement Governance.

Question Can my student make a request to purchase goods or services?
Answer    No. Only staff and project leader of the project or grant can make a request to purchase.

Question I would like to do some renovation works at my lab. What should I do?
Answer    Please liase with PMMD for advise and they will prepare the Bill of Quantity (BQ). Procurement will arrange for vendor site visit.

Question I would like to purchase A4 paper, hand drill and cabin storage. Can I combine it into one Shopping Cart (SC)?
Answer    No, as all the items fall under different category, you need to create a separate shopping cart for each items.

Question What is asset?
Answer    Asset is a permanent nature intended for long term possession or use, the value is RM 1,000.00 and above, and economic life more than one (1) year.

Question I would like to purchase lab consumables using my grant. What should I do?
Answer    Please fill in the One Purchase Form and submit it to R&I for grant and budget validation. Procurement will process it once we receive from R&I.

Question Is Procurement client charter start counting once I submit my request to R&I?
Answer    Please be informed that Procurement client charter will only start once we receive complete documents from end user or R&I.

Question I would like to purchase chemicals for my research. Do I need to get endorsement from Lab personnel?
Answer    Yes. Please get endorsement from respective department that related with the goods and/or services. IT equipment with ITMS, lab with LMD, etc.