Question How staff is promoted to higher job grade in UTP generally?
Answer    Notwithstanding UTP is a close organization, staff is promoted to higher job grade by merits as guided by Talent Development Framework (refer details in HR website) and upon deliberations at Staff Development Committee (SDC) sitting.

Question How UTP conduct a performance appraisal?
Answer    In principle, it is a 365 days all year round of wholesome appraisal of a person as transpired from Employee Performance Management (EPM) Framework (refer details in HR website). Each individual's rating will be tabled by respective Line Manager/Department Chair at Human Resource Performance Committee (HRPC) to ascertain his/her actual performance across the university.

Question What is general criteria for Mobility or Transfer?
Answer    Staff may consult HR Department (Talent Management) on Mobility & Transfer Framework (refer details in HR website).

Question  As an Academic Staff, how do I know I have met minimum criteria to apply for promotion to higher job grade?
Answer    Whilst academic promotion application is open throughout the year, any staff can refer the details of academic promotion criteria in HR website.

Question  If I am committed to my learning development, what are the learning program or courses which relevant to my roles in UTP?
Answer    UTP Learning Series (refer details in HR website) is available for you to plan your yearly personal learning development, in consultation with your immediate supervisor. In addition, HR will also publish its yearly annual learning calendar for targeted groups for their capability building.

Question  Who should I contact in HR if I have personalized questions on either promotion, performance appraisal, mobility, industrial attachment, sabbatical, staff development program, learning development, mentoring or Petronas Cultural Beliefs?
Answer    You can contact dedicated staff in Talent Management Department, HR Division, namely Puan Ruziana x8297 (Career Progression for Non-Academic, Employee Performance Management, Mobility), Puan Muizzah x8296 (Career Progression for Academic, Staff Development Program) & Puan Aimy Najwa x8274 (Learning Development, Cultural Change Management).

Question If error appears in myPassport such as email was not maintained, user information is incorrect, no portal role assigned, user is not currently valid etc whom should i contact?
Answer    You can contact Pn Hellina (ext 8276) or Pn Elya (ext 8271) for TVM related matters and they will assist you accordingly. User may also contact PET-ICT, Kuala Lumpur directly at 03-23313333 for errors related to TVM. 

Question How do i update my details (personal data, address, spouse, dependents, educations etc.)
Answer    "You may update your details in myPassport as follows: 
1. Go to Employee Self-Service, click Forms Request, click HRCS Online Forms, choose ED01.
2. Click EDIT and you may start to edit your details in the system.
3. Once complete, please save and send for HRCS to update the details."

Question How do i request for backdated travel request for my TVM in myPassport?
Answer    Backdated travel request can only be done by a preparer. Kindly liaise with respective Secretary, Academic Executive or Academic Assistant to assist since they have the role as a preparer. 

Question What is the paydate for my salary?
Answer    The official monthly salary paydate is on the 23rd of each month. However, certain banks may credit the salary one (1) day earlier. Should you have not receive your salary after 23rd, kindly contact Salary Unit at extension 8272.

Question What is the payroll cut-off date?
Answer    Payroll cut-off date are the deadlines by which instructions must be received by the Salary Unit in order for them to be reflected in salary for that month. Instructions received after the deadline date will usually not be reflected until the following month. In UTP, the payroll cut-off date normally falls on the 5th of the month (Subject to changes)

Question I reported duty after the payroll cut-off date. Will I receive my salary on the same month?
Answer    "New joiners who joined UTP on 1st to 5th at any month, will receive salary on the 23rd of the same month.
While new joiners who joined UTP on 6th to 30th/31st at any month, will receive salary on the 23rd of the following month."

Question How to view my monthly salary statement?
Answer   "Monthly salary statement can be view via myPassport system. The steps are as follows;
Login to myPassport  --> Employee Self-service --> Benefits and payment --> Payment --> Salary Statement --> Select month--> Done"

Question Can I opt for salary deduction to third party such as Tabung Haji, ASB etc?
Answer    "Yes. You may submit the third party deduction application form online via myPassport. This is applicable for Zakat, Tabung Haji, Amanah Saham Bumiputera (ASB), Yayasan UTP, Dana Asy Syakirin only.  The steps are as follows;
Login to myPassport  --> Employee Self-service --> Forms Request --> HRCS Online Form --> PY07- Third Party Deduction --> Select ""Request Type"", ""Deduction Type"", ""3rd Party Name"" --> Key in the ""Effective Date"" and ""Termination Date"" ---> Check --> Submit --> Done."

Question Can I opt for salary deduction to third party other than Zakat, Tabung Haji, Amanah Saham Bumiputera (ASB), Yayasan UTP, Dana Asy Syakirin?
Answer    "You may refer to the list of recognized third party in mypassport and submit manual PY07 form to Salary Unit for processing.
The steps to retrieve the manual PY07 form from myPassport are as follows;
Login to myPassport  --> Employee Self-service --> Forms Request --> Other Forms and letter  --> Other HRCS Manual Form --> Select Module ""Payroll"" --> Click 
PY07 3rd Party Application Change and Termination Form"" --> Key in the ""Effective Date"" and ""Termination Date"" ---> Signature --> Submission to Salary Unit --> Done.

Question I still have remaining balance of annual leave from the previous year.  Can I carry forward it to this year?
Answer    "For Permanent staff, the balance annual leave will be carried forward automatically to the current year and must be utilized before 31 December of the current year.
For contract staff, they may request directly to HR for the carry forward process and any succesful carry forward leave must be utilised before the end of the contract year term.
You may liaise with Mr Iqbal via email or thru Ext. 8287 for more details."

Question How many days of my annual leave balance can be carried forward?
Answer    The maximum number of days for carry forward leave is 10 days.

Question How does the department request and make collection for stationery?
Answer    The stationery store located at the basement level Chancellor Complex.  The store operates every Tuesday & Thursday, 3.00 pm until 5.00 pm.  Staff may arrange their time to collect the stationery within the stipulated operating hours.

Question How do I claim for my medical expenses?
Answer    "All medical expenses must be claimed via My AIA Portal.  Click here to go to the website .
For the first time login, you need to click register and follow the instructions given.  After done with the registration, you may login and click to submit claim form for medical expenses."