1 Question Do I need to attend orientation?
  Answer It is mandatory that you attend a first-year orientation program. Not only is this a chance for you to make new friends and become familiar with campus, but you also will be spending a lot of time learning about your       academic program and other facets of campus life.

2 Question How do I get my student ID card?
 Answer    You will receive your student ID at Orientation. Photos will be taken at One Stop Centre, and you will be given your card there. 

3 Question Can first year students have a car on campus?
  Answer First-year resident students are not allowed to have cars on campus. 

4 Question Is there a cost to attend Orientation?
  Answer The cost of Orientation is included in the fees that you pay as incoming first-year student.

5 Question I am an International Student. Is there a separate orientation program for me?
  Answer There is an orientation program specifically for International Students, which is coordinated by the International Students Advise & Support, Centre for   Student Services UTP. 

6 Question Registration of Community Outreach project. How to register?
  Answer Do contact us at Campus Life Unit, Centre for Student Development. Focal person: 1) 2) 

7 Question Student’s involvement from which semester?
  Answer    For Community Outreach, any students from any semester can refer to us for guidance. However for MPU4 Community Engagement Project, students have to   follow their Course Structure. MPU4 has to take during 3rd Year 1st Semester for Engineering Students, Petroleum Geoscience, Applied Physics & Applied Chemistry and   Final Year 1st Semester for Computer Information Science Department Students.

8 Question Total no of students allowed for project?
  Answer For MPU4 Community Engagement Project, total number of students allowed is minimum 5 students and maximum 25 students. However, for other Community   Outreach   it depends on the planning and execution of the project.

9 Question Contact person fro Community Outreach Program for the students?
  Answer Community Outreach/ MPU4: Senior Executive- Puspa Dahlia Abd Rahman (, 05- 368 8422); MPU4: Shazrul Hazwan Roslan   (, 05-368 8552)

10 Question What is the focus area for community outreach conduct by UTP?
   Answer Community Outreach conduct by UTP focus on 3 University Social Responsibility (USR) Focus Area which is: Education, Socioeconomic & Environment.