7    Question What is the procedure to be made in order for me to apply for Research Attachment Programme? 
      Answer    Students are required to receive the offer letter from Host University and inform us upon confirmation of placement at Host University. We will provide  the link to apply for Research Attachment Programme.  

8    Question When can I apply for Research Attachment Programme? 
      Answer    Application can be made at least 2 months prior to your departure.  

9    Question Can I get any financial assistance from Centre for Student Development?
      Answer    Partial financial assistance is available for all postgraduate students via Yayasan Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (YUTP). Eligible students may receive  financial assistance of up to 50%. 

10    Question I want to go for research attachment at a company abroad. Am I eligible to receive YUTP funding? 
        Answer    YUTP funding are available only for postgraduate students who are going for research attachment at Insitute of Higher Learning or Research Institutes.
11    Question Does Centre for Student Development covers my insurance?
        Answer    We will not provide any travelling/medical insurance to the students. You may purchase the insurance at any insurance agent. 

12    Question Do I need to apply for my own accommodation?
        Answer    Yes. You will need to liaise with the respective officers for application of hostel room. 

13    Question Do I need a student pass/visa for research attachment at my host institution? 
       Answer    Yes. It is a mandatory requirement for every country. Before applying for the programme, you may want to find the information on Visa Application at respective country.