14    Question    How much the programme fee for the Inbound Summer Programme?
        Answer    The programme fee is starting from USD 750 for 2 weeks programme which inclusive of tuition fees, twin sharing air-conditioned room, meal allowance and educational trips.  

15    Question    How long the minimum duration for Inbound Summer Programme? 
        Answer    Minimum is 10 days and up to 1 months.

16    Question    Any custom programme can be arranged besides the 3 sessions offered per year? 
        Answer    Yes, we can cater custom programme but arrangement need to be done prior to 2 months before programme date.

17    Question    Is there any financial assistance provided to incoming students?  
       Answer    No financial allocation provided, however custom programme shall be arranged to minimize the programme features and to make it reasonable package. 
18    Question    How much the programme fee for the Outbound Summer Programme?
       Answer    The programme fee is depending on the package offered by the partner university which usually excluded the accommodation, transportation and other  personal expenses.

19    Question    Is there any financial assistance provided for Outbound Summer Programme? 
       Answer    Yes, CSD Financial Assistance, Yayasan UTP and Zakat (for Muslim only) are several financial assistances available however, the amount of assistance is depending on the duration and total cost of the programme.  

20    Question    May I know the list of programme offered by partner University? 
        Answer    You may find the list of programmes offered via this link however, should you have any other programme that interest you, may proceed with any other   universities around the globe (regardless UTP’s partner            University).