1    Question    What does Technopreneurship Office do?
      Answer    We support in developing UTP students throughout their entrepreneurial journey while they're studying in the university, in the effort to help them  create their employment opportunities rather than only being                     employed into companies.

2    Question    Do Technopreneurship Office provide funding?
      Answer    "Yes:

•    MicroBiz Fund: for any students who intends to do small businesses while they're studying. We provide RM2000 to kickstart your business
•    TechnoSeed Fund. For the upgrade of any tech-base prototype, we provide RM3000 grant. •    Ideate Fund. If         you have just an idea and need to create a         prototype prior applying TechnoSeed Fund, we provide RM500 for that purpose."

3    Question    What supports does Technopreneurship Office provide?

•    Funding. RM2000 for small businesses in campus by UTP students, RM3000 for tech-based product upgrade.
•    Facilities for ideation and fabrication         of innovative products. We have our own Garage with 3D printers, and tools for fabrication purposes. We also facilitate in leading you to other workshops for further fabrication means.
•    Support in business development through knowledge sharing and masterclasses, either in UTP or external. Startup masterclasses         such as Value Proposition Design, Business Model Canvas, Design Thinking.
•    Support in product development through knowledge sharing and masterclasse,         either in UTP or externals. Workshop on prototyping such as Computer-aided Design (CAD), Computer-aided Engineering (CAE), fabrication, 3D printing, etc.
•    Networking events with UTP Alumni Entrepreneurs, to promote solidarity and collegiality among the past and current students, who also involve in mentoring and         coaching.
•    Personalized coaching and mentoring sessions for student entrepreneurs and innovators.
•    Participating in external exhibition and competitions         to provide exposure for the students. Some of the event include Varsity Entrepreneurship Skills & Talent (VEST) organized by KPDNKK, ITEX at KLCC, Innovation         events at public institutions."

4    Question    What do you look for in the projects proposed by students?
    Answer    "The important criteria include:

a)    The intended problems to be solved, whether it is an actual problem that matters to real users or not.
b)    Their target user or target market, whether their product is based on market pull or market push. Market push’s product will face an uphill challenge due to         the actual users are yet to be known or gained traction, and vice versa. For this we request them to conduct validation survey whether their idea is gaining            good traction by prospect customer/user or not.
c)    The unique selling point (USP, unique selling proposition). 
d)    The production cost structure
e)    The revenue model
f)    The passion and perseverance of the founder/leader and the team
g)    The end-state of the product/services – whether they can see it achieve commercialization state.

5    Question    If I need more infomation about Technopreneurship Office, where can I refer to?
      Answer    You may visit our facebook page