What are the first five (5) things to do once I arrive in Malaysia?
1. Make sure that you have the complete document for the immigration check.
2. Ensure to collect all your belonging, bags & luggage.
3. After the immigration check, contact the appointed buddy, country reps or the International Officer on your current status.
4. Exchange your currency to Malaysian Ringgit.
5. Buy a Malaysian mobile number. (Optional)

Who is the first person I should contact once I reached KLIA?
The appointed buddy, Country reps, Admission Officer or the International Officer.

How far is UTP from KLIA/KLIA2?
The distance between KLIA to UTP is approximately 269 KM. It will take 3 hours and 3 minutes driving.

Is there any transportation services provided for the new & returning students to UTP from KLIA/KLIA2?
Yes, we do provide the services. Students who wish to request the pick-up service from KLIA to UTP must inform the ISAS Officer at-least 2 weeks before your arrival. This will help the officer to arrange the transportation and others.
Note: pick-up service will be prioritised for new students who came to Malaysia by the group.

Will I get a buddy once I am in UTP?
Yes, we will appoint a buddy to assist you while you are in UTP