What is medical screening?
Medical screening is a health check that consists of a general examination by the examining doctor, blood and urine tests as well as a chest x-ray examination.
A medical examination is required for all international students before arrival in Malaysia except students who are enrolling into Public Universities.
In addition, a Post arrival medical examination is mandatory for international students, and you are required to attend and complete the medical examination at EMGS's approved panel of clinics/hospitals within seven (7) days from your date of entry into Malaysia. Students enrolling in Malaysia Public Universities can attend the medical screening at clinics located in their universities.

Why do I have to undergo a Malaysian medical screening procedure?
It is a mandatory requirement from the Government of Malaysia to protect the health of Malaysian residents and to reduce the potential burden on the public health service in Malaysia. The Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) has laid down criteria for the assessment of the health condition of international students which must be complied with. The criteria do allow for students to appeal a failed result.

What happens at the medical screening?
After arriving in Malaysia, you should contact an EMGS appointed panel clinic to make an appointment. You are required to bring along a copy of your passport to the panel clinic for medical screening.
The examining doctor will request that you sign a consent letter before starting the medical examination. Blood and urine specimens will be taken from you at the panel clinic, and if the panel clinic has no x-ray facility, you will be directed to proceed to an x-ray centre within the same day for a chest x-ray to be taken.
The examining doctor at the panel clinic shall assess and conclude whether or not you are suitable to remain in Malaysia based on MOHE criteria.
Please note that EMGS staff are not permitted to discuss the outcome of your medical screening or your appeal as this information is confidential. All related clarification shall be sought directly from the examining doctor at the panel clinic.

What is the name of the nearest EMGS approved panel clinics in UTP and where is the location?
The nearest EMGS approved clinic is Clinic Redza 24 Hours (UTP Panel Clinic). Click here for the clinic location.

Which clinic should I perform my medical screening at once I arrive in Malaysia?
The nearest EMGS approved clinic is Clinic Redza 24 Hours (UTP Panel Clinic). Click here for the clinic location.

I am applying for a Renewal of my Student Pass. Do I need to attend a medical screening?
Medical Screening is not required for renewal applications.

am sick; I need to meet a General Practitioner (GP).
In UTP we provide a 24 hours clinic that is managed by the Clinic Redza 24 Hours an EMGS approved clinic

The GP referred my case to the nearest hospital. What are the documents should I have and bring to the hospital?
UTP Rules and regulation require the student/s to have a referral letter from the panel clinic before you can refer to the Hospital. Other documents needed is Passport, any reports from previous cases (in case required by the Medical Officers), etc.

Where is the nearest hospital to UTP?
You can refer to the approved panel hospital based on your medical card or the nearest hospitals in UTP vicinity.