What should I do if want to request permission to access any office(s), lab(s), workstation(s), etc.?
You are required to complete the “Access Level Form" and "Lab Undertaking Form" (for labs only). The following items are compulsory.

  1. Details of the room(s) requested.
  1. Approval from the Head of Department/Supervisor.
  2. Approval from the Lab Executive (for labs only).
  3. Approval/acknowledgement from the Lab Executive/representative for the "Lab Undertaking Form" (for labs only).

You are required to log your request through the UCS portal and attach the required forms in PDF format. The guideline are as follows.
Title       : Access level requisition 
Type      : Request 
Type      : SSD – Security Services Request 
Your Enquiry:
Please state the following: 

  • Name 
  • Staff ID/Matric Number
  • Card Number (Refer to the back of the card example: 15960 33101023960-2 or 00148)
  • Contact number
  • Department/Programme 
  • Email address
  • Details of Room: Room Number(s) and Type of Room (lab, office, workstation, etc.)
  • Upload the approval notification from Ulab. 


  1. Type of access.


    1. Room(s) with a card reader/EML


      1. The card will be activated within 24 hours.
      2. Activation beyond the above is subject to prior approval and stated in the access level form.
      3. However, the extension of activation of the card may be considered. The requestor is required to register at the Chancellor Complex Security Desk on the day of usage. The card will be extended based on the requirement for the day. Kindly contact our security control room for more details.
      4. The card is not allowed to be used by any student/staff/party aside from the requestor.
      5. For all contract staff, please upload the offer letter or relevant document for our reference.


    1. Room(s) with a manual key


      1. Some of the room(s) using a manual key is controlled/handled by the room custodians/responsible department. Consultation with the person-in-charge is needed.
      2. Any room(s) using a manual key and is under the Security Services Department’s responsibility will be unlocked during working hours and/or according to the schedule.
      3. Refer to 1.1(C) for extension of use.


  1. Do not obstruct the door with any object such as fire extinguishers, chairs, etc.
  2. Requestors are to maintain the cleanliness and the safety of the room(s) by abiding to all the rules and standard operating procedures prescribed. 
  3. Access will be terminated immediately and/or disciplinary action will be taken if terms/rules are breached.

For further enquiries or support, contact the Security Control Room at 05-3688006/8324/8315.


Click here to download Undertaking Lab Form

Click here to download Access Level Requisition Form

Click here to download Key Application Form