Kindly log your request to Unified Customer Service (UCS) Portal. You may refer to the guideline provided as below

Title: Request for event signage
Type: Request
Type: SSD – Security Services Request

Your Enquiry:

Please write your request in essay form and state the following:

1. Full Name of requester

2. Staff/Student ID

3. Department/Programme

4. Contact number

5. Date/duration required

6. Event name

8. Event venue

9. Wordings of signage

10. Other relevant information


  1. Please be advised that the purpose of event signages is for visitors/public guidance to the event venue and is not suitable for internal event which only involving staff and students.
  2. Event signage is not suitable for visitors who are coming in a group, bus or car, instead of staggered individuals. In the case of clustered visitors, you may request for security vehicle escort/guide.
  3. Wordings of signage should not be too long.
  4. Request needs to be submitted at least two days before the event day.

For further enquiries, kindly contact our office at 05 3688315.