Kindly log your request to Unified Customer Service (UCS) Portal. You may refer to the guideline provided as below

Title: Security Vehicle Escort
Type: Request
Type: SSD – Security Services Request

Your Enquiry:

Please write your request in essay form and state the following:

1. Full Name of requester

2. Staff/Student ID

3. Department/Programme

4. Contact number

5. Event name

6. VIP/Guest/Visitor name

7. Vehicle Plate Number

8. Type of vehicle: (Car, motorcycle, etc.)

9. Date of arrival

10. Time of arrival

12. Location to escort/guide

11. Other relevant information

Attachment : Approved Event Memo. 


Request for security vehicle escort/guide needs to be submitted at least one day before their arrival.

For further enquiries, do not hesitate to contact our office at 05 3688315.