UCS Knowledge Base for RV
Update: 9 March 2022

1.Where can I check for the current hostel prices? You can view our room profiles

             here: 20Services/Accomodation/Village-Room.aspx

2.What are the facilities provided at the hostel areas?

You can view our facilities information here: ices/Accomodation/Facilities-at-Residential-Village.aspx

3.How do I get a room if I am a new intake student?

For first timers, RV will be pre-assigning your room based on the hostels that are specified to accommodate new intakes (location might change according to semester, subject to RV decision).

4.How long will my first room pre-assignment be (I am a new intake)? For new intakes post-Covid pandemic, RV will register your name there for 1 semester.


5.How do I get a room if I am a returning student?

Returning students (anyone except new intake) must book their rooms through the accommodation enrolment tab in UCampus during the enrolment period (usually 2-3 weeks before start of new semester). There, students are free to choose where to stay (subject to availability) and how long to stay (minimum 1 semester up to 3
continuous semesters, i.e., 1 year).

6.How do I get a room if I am a postgraduate student?

Beginning 1 March 2022, we no longer accept requests for postgraduate stay on campus, in line with the closure of our dedicated postgraduate hostel, SIBC. 

7.How will the invoices be provided to us?

For UTP students, all accommodation invoices will be issued through UCampus and will appear on the student statement, except for those under certain sponsorship bodies. For better clarification on this matter, please consult UTP Finance Dept.

8.What should I do if I want to change room during a period that I have been charged for? And what about the payment?

Please log a UCS case at RV will consider each case separately. Changes involving different room rates will result in adjustment to the existing invoice, which will take time.

9.Can I make payment for each semester separately, although the invoice is combined into one year?

At the moment, no. You will have to make payment according to the amount on the invoice to avoid getting blocked when trying to sit for exams or make clearance.

10.How do I get a room if I am required to go to UTP for special events (I am not a UTP student)?

Please make a request through our Unified Customer Services
(UCS): and our officers will entertain you soon.
Requesters are free to choose how long to stay (minimum 1 week up to 1 year).  

11.How will the invoices be provided to special event requests?

After the approval has been acquired, a written invoice will be given to you for payment references. Payment is required before check-in.

12.Can I use UCS even if I am not a UTP staff/student?

Yes, you can. You only need to do a quick registration, and you are good to go.

13.Something in my room and/or my common area is broken/not functioning. How do I lodge a report?

Please log in UCS: and provide necessary details: name, student ID, contact number, complete info of location (e.g. V5-A-00-00-01, V3-A-02toilet). Our UCS personnel will consider and take further actions accordingly.

14.Why is there no update for my UCS case? I have created it approximately 4 hours ago.

Due to the nature of UCS processes, it will take some time from the point of case creation to the arrival into our case queue. In short, all UCS cases are bound by the maximum 5-day Service-Level Agreement (SLA).

15.Can I use email to report my issue instead of using UCS?

We strongly urge all students to utilize UCS.

16.What should I do if I lost/misplaced my room key?

If during office hours, please approach the respective village offices.
If it is already beyond office hours, please call RV Hotline at 011-21542918 (6pm to 11pm only) and communicate with our officers on standby.

17.What should I do if there is an emergency (fire/robbery/break-in)?

Please remain calm and get to safety first. Then, please notify our Security personnel at either the Security posts around village or by contacting 05-3688315 (Security Emergency Contact).

18.What are the things I should know regarding credit note adjustments?

  1. In essence, credit note adjustments for accommodation invoices are given only when there is an error in the amount charged to our students.
  2. No credit note adjustments will be given if a student did not stay in their room after they have registered and acquired room key or personally choose to vacate earlier before the end of their supposed tenure.
  3. Approved credit note adjustments will take approximately 2-3 weeks to process. A new invoice with adjusted amount will not be generated, therefore you can only check for it in the student statement.

19.Where can I find the latest Residency Guideline?

You can check for the latest Residency Guideline in our shared Public Document Library here: ments/Forms/AllItems.aspx  

20.Is there any guidelines about permitted students returning back to campus as the country goes into endemic period?

UTP has prepared an advisory for students returning to campus effective 1 March
2022. You can see it here:  

21.What if I still need further clarification about something?

If you do not find the answer you require in this FAQ, you can always log a UCS to us and specify your issue properly. Our officers will entertain you soon.