1. The maximum loan period is 4 (four) WORKING DAYS only.

2. Approval of application is under the discretion of ITMS Management.

3. Equipment should be collected by the requester or representative at ICT Careline Counter.

4. Please ensure the equipment in good working condition before accepting the loan item and leave the counter.

5. Equipment should be returned to the ICT Careline counter after complete the usage or once loan period expires.

6. Requester is fully held responsible for the safe usage of equipment during the loan period. If items are lost or defects occurred, please submit all enquiries or report to the ITMS Careline counter immediately.

7. For usage outside campus, please fill in and complete the outdoor usage approval form (UTP 21D).

8. Loan of ITMS equipment will be approved for teaching and learning purposes or any activities that have been approved by the university only.

9. All student activities MUST get approval from Student Support Officer or lecturer.

10. ITMS Department have right to reject incomplete and unverified endorsement request.