Title: Submit an article journal
Type: Question
Subject: Press - Journal Publication

  1. How do I submit my article?
Kindly click on this link then submits your paper to the respective journal links.
  1. Where can I find guidelines/instruction for a specific journal?
Kindly click on this link > Publication > Journal > select the respective journal links.
  1. How long will it take to publish my article?
We strive to ensure that every article is published in a timely manner. However, there is simply too much variability in the submission process, such as the willingness of reviewers to evaluate a paper on a particular topic, for us to guarantee a specific time frame for article publication. Generally, the journal publishing process will take 3 months after submission.
  1. Do you accept material published in other journals?
We do not accept articles that have been published in other journals. However, we do understand that many submissions may be a continued paper of previously published works. Due to this, we allow submissions to consist of no more than 30% previously published material.
  1. What is the Impact Factor of this journal?
We’re working on having this journal included in the ISI citation index, but we don’t have an impact factor established at this stage. We would hope to have a high impact factor based on the quality, web visibility, and accessibility of the collection.
  1. What are the formatting and citation guidelines?
Kindly click on this link to view a complete list of our author submission and citation guidelines. 
  1. Is this journal SCOPUS indexed?

For your information, our journals are currently not Scopus indexed. However, we are captured in MyJurnal and Google Scholar. Also, our journal is hosted on Open Journal Systems and has a wide readership.