​​​​​​​​​​​​1. How I can register for Graduation Document Distribution 2020?
Students may register the Graduation Document Distribution at UCampus  Kindly be noted that, only graduating class of 2020 are eligible to register.

2. What type of document will be included in the postage?

  1. You will receive three (3) items as below;
  2. - Official Academic Transcript
  3. - Official Degree Certificate
  4. - Certificate Folder

3. I would like to request the soft copy of those documents through email.
Apologies, we are not allowed to send you the softcopy of the documents.

4. Will there be any convocation ceremony in the future?
As of today, the direction from higher management to postpone the ceremony until further notice. Graduating class of 2020 will be informed accordingly for any update about the convocation ceremony through email.

5. I have already received my academic documents as I applied for early issuance before I go back to my country. Therefore, do I need to fill the registration form again?
Please be informed that you may be exempted to retrieve the graduation documents since you already requested for early scroll earlier.

6. I intended to request for my graduation document to be posted for local postage as I live in Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia. Hence, may I get the attestation as well?
Attestation is only for international address, if you are using local address, perhaps you can send the document to his relative address in Malaysia to do the attestation on behalf.

7. May I know in detail on how do my relatives in Malaysia can obtain attestation on behalf of me? I wish to know where my relatives should go and what are the required documents to obtain the attestation.
Certain country required attestation as a proof validate their graduation document. Attestation can be obtained from Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia located in Putrajaya and respective embassy. They only required below documents for attestation.

           1. Original Academic Transcript
          2. Original Degree Certificate
          3. Completion letter

8. I would like to self-collect the graduation documents at UTP.
We only allow graduate to collect their graduation document through postage. Please proceed to register yourself for the collection of your graduation documents through UCampus.