REX – Change of Programme (Foundation & Undergraduate)

1. How to apply for Change of Programme?
You may apply for change of programme by submitting your application online through REX App. Kindly find the procedure in the guideline here. (Guideline REX App

2. Who is the approver for my Change of Programme application (Undergraduate)?
The approvers are:
• First Approver: Department Chair of current programme
• Second Approver: Department Chair of new programme
• Final Approval by Registrar

3. Who is the approver for my Change of Programme application (Foundation)?
The application will be approved by Registrar.

4. When is the deadline to apply for Change of Programme?
Latest by Week 2 of the current semester for application to change programme on the same semester.

5. What is the payment of RM100 for?
The RM100 payment is the administrative processing fee and is required to be made before submitting the application.

6. Is RM 100 administrative processing fee refundable if my application is rejected?

7. How can I made the payment?
Online payment of RM 100 (Administrative fee) can be made to UTP CIMB Account: 8004852703. Screenshot of the transaction must display reference no., UTP Account no, and the amount of payment. The screenshot then need to be uploaded together as attachment when submitting the Change of Programme application.

8. Can I transfer credit of the courses I have taken in my previous programme into the new programme?
Yes, you may request for transfer of credit and grades which are applicable to a new programme with minimum grade of ‘C’. The grade of the approved courses for transfer of credits will be counted into GPA/CGPA and reflected in the academic transcript. The transfer of credit form will be email to the student once application of programme is approved.

9. What are the consequences for Change of Programme?
•  International students should consult with International Students Management Unit and apply for new visa (Process duration: 2-3 months)
•  Student will need to consult with respective Academic Executive of the new programme for the study plan.

10. How can I track my change of programme application progress?
• Student will receive an email confirming the successful submission of the application.
• Student will receive a notification email once the application has been approved by Registrar.
• Alternatively, student may also contact Madam Hidayah ( or Mr. Rafiuddin ( for further information.

11. Will I receive any official document that state my change of programme was approved by the University?
Once the application approved, student will be notified through email and will be provided with official letter issued by REX.

12. Will I receive a new offer letter after I have changed programme?
Student will not receive a new offer letter as offer letter is given only for the applied programme during admission. However, Change of Programme letter will be provided instead. Student may use both offer letter and Change of Programme letter for sponsorship/loan matters.

13. What will happen to my registered courses of the previous programme after I have been approved for change of programme in the same semester?
The course will be dropped and the fees will be waived.