1. How many semesters in a year?
Three semesters in a year; January, May and September. Students are required to register in every semester.

2. What is online enrolment or add/drop period?
Online enrolment or add/drop period is a period for students to register their courses in that particular semester. Course/s drop within this period is not subject to payment of the course fee.

3.  What are the conditions for a student to register in every semester?

Students need to ensure they have no outstanding dues owe to the university. Students with outstanding dues will be automatically blocked from semester registration until they have settled their outstanding. You may liaise direct with Finance Department through UCS Portal at this link:

4. What is course withdrawal period?
Students could withdraw their course/s after add/drop period. However, student need to maintain at least one course in order to be an active student of that semester.

5. What is late registration appeal period?
Students are given 2 weeks after add/drop to appeal for late register subjects to the following conditions;
1. No outstanding dues owe to the university.
2. RM100 late registration penalty.

6. How to appeal for late registration?

Students need to write a formal appeal letter. In the appeal letter, please address current Registrar and submit that appeal letter to Registration and Examination Department (REX). You may email Mr Fahmi ( for further information.

7. What is the difference between add/drop and course withdrawal?
Add drop period: Course/s drop within this period is not subject to payment of the course fee.
Course withdrawal period: Course/s withdraw within this period is subject to payment of the course fee and not refundable.

Students are advised to pay attention to the deadline to avoid any issue with their semester registration and assessment.

8. What is the consequence if students fail to register within the given timeline?
Students will be given academic dismissal status due to failed to register within stipulated timeline. However, students may appeal for reinstatement of study through Registration and Examination Department (REX).

9. I want to know more on my study plan and programme structure, whom should I consult?
You may consult your respective programme manager and academic executive.
List: Academic Executive (AE) and Programme Manager (PM) for Respective Programme. Refer

10. I want to defer my study in this semester due to personal issue/finance/family matter etc, whom should I contact?
You may contact Mr. Amirul Hariz from Centre for Graduate Studies ( for further assistance.