Equipment Loan Terms & Conditions

Kindly log your request through the Unified Customer Service (UCS) Portal. You may refer to the guideline provided as below:
Title: Equipment loan
Type: Request
Subject: SSD – Vehicle Sticker Application
Your Enquiry:
Please provide the following information:

  1. Staff/student ID/IC Number:
  2. Contact number:
  3. Department/Company:
  4. Purpose:
  5. The main location of use;
  6. Equipment description :
  7. Total/Quantity:
  8. Date of issue:
  9. Date of return:


  1. Please fill the following form, and upload it in the UCS Case.
  2. Approval of the application is under the discretion of the Security Services Department.
  3. Equipment should be collected by the requestor/representative at the Security office, Block O.
  4. Please ensure the equipment is in good working condition before accepting the loan item and leaving the office.
  5. Equipment should be returned to the Security Office, Block O after usage or once the loan period expires.
  6. The requestor will be held responsible for the safe usage of the equipment during the loan period. If items are lost or defects have occurred, please report via the UCS Portal with the following link: