1. I would like to send my degree certificate and official transcript to Canada for credential evaluation at World Education Services (WES). They are requesting the institute to put the academic documents in a sealed envelope that is signed or stamped across the back flap by the appropriate official at the institution.
During MCO period,
- Registration & Examination Department (REX) counter will be temporarily closed.
- Only softcopy of the document(s) will be issued.
- Collection of document(s) through REX counter is currently put on hold.
- Local & International courier for document(s) is not available.

If it is needed to be couriered (physical document), we need to postpone until we can resume operation as per normal in the office.

2. According to WES website, they have provided several options for electronic document submission, such as online platform and direct transmission channels. Therefore, does it possible for UTP to send my documents through online platform?
Currently, UTP do not have any agreement or partnership with WES on the electronic documents through online platform and direct transmission channels. Alternatively, we can send softcopy of your documents through email.

3. I have checked about sending the documents to WES via email and found it possible if the institute has channel with WES. Does UTP has this capability to send the documents through email?
Yes, WES accept electronic documents which sent directly from UTP. Also, we have previous students requesting for WES documents to be sent to Canada through an email and it is acceptable.

4. What are required documents to be sent to UTP for this purpose?
1. WES Academic Records Request Form
2. Confirmation of Doctoral Degree Conferral (only for PhD applicant)
3. Academic Documents to be sent to WES (e.g., Degree Certificate, Academic Transcript)
Important: Please name the PDF with the 7-digit WES Reference Number. The WES reference number is a 7-digit number provided to each WES Applicant.

5. I would like to request for a second copy of Transcript & Degree Certificate to be sent to WES Canada. May I know the procedures on how to apply?
You can find the REX Request Form here:
together with the step-by-step procedure and the payment instruction.

6. How can I request for document submission to WES Canada?
Please log a case through UCS Portal. You may refer to the guideline provided as below:

Title          :      Document Submission to WES Canada
Type         :      Request
Subject     :      REG – Registration & Examination (REX)

Kindly attach all the required documents (refer item #4) for this purpose.