Cancellation Of Student Pass

1. Who should cancel the student pass/visa?
Malaysian Immigration Department & Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE) require all international students to cancel the student pass and return to home country for the following category:

  • Graduated/Completion of Study (Name is approved for completion in Senate Meeting)
  • Deferment – UG students defer for 3 semester and PG students defer for 2 semester
  • Withdrawal
  • Termination of studies/Dismissal
  • PG students who want to change mode from full time to part time student

2. Why should I cancel my student pass/visa?
Cancellation of your student pass means clearing your name and data in the Malaysian Immigration system. A Check Out Memo (COM) will be issued by the Ipoh State Immigration Department upon cancellation.
Leaving Malaysia without a proper cancellation of student pass/visa can results your name will be blacklisted to enter Malaysia in the future by the Malaysian Immigration Department. If the student intends to apply for another institution or secure a job in Malaysia, you will be at disadvantaged.

3. Can I cancel my student pass from outside Malaysia?
No, it is not possible. Only the State Immigration Department who issuing the student pass can cancel your data and records in the Immigration system. For UTP students, the cancellation of student pass only can be processed by submitting the original passport and other documents to the Ipoh State Immigration Department. Student need to be physically present in Malaysia.

4. What are the required documents for student pass/visa cancellation?

  • Original passport
  • Flight ticket to your home country (The flight ticket date is advisable to be at least 2 weeks ahead upon submission to ISMU office, but need to be less than 1 month)
  • Proof of clearance at UCS system.

Please screenshot your clearance at UCS: REG - Student Exit Clearance

  • Admission Offer letter from another institution (If students who want to change to another institution in Malaysia)
  • Job Offer Letter (PG students who want to change mode from full time to part time student)

* Make sure you have no outstanding with Finance.
* For students who already complete their study, please make sure you have been listed in the Senate Meeting for graduation
* For further inquiries, you may consult with ISMU first before purchasing the flight ticket
* For graduated student, your academic certificate will be withheld without the approval from ISMU

5.  I got a job offer in Malaysia. I want to change from Full time student to Part Time student. Can I wait in Malaysia for the process?
Based on the rules and regulation set by the Ipoh State Immigration Department, student need to cancel the student pass, return back and wait the employment process at their home country. If no cancellation is done for the student pass, your future employer cannot proceed and the employment pass application process will be put on hold as your student pass data is still active in the Immigration system. In Malaysia, foreigners are only eligible to have one type of pass at a time. You may email us for further information and clarification.