1. Passport validity while staying in Malaysia

  You are responsible to check your passport validity before you submit for the student pass/visa renewal. Make sure that the passport is valid at least 12 months.

2.I lost my passport in Malaysia, what do I do now?

  1. You need to lodge a police report.
  2. Please bring the police report to your relevant Embassy/ Consulate in Malaysia to apply for a new passport.
  3. After getting a new passport, you need to get your student pass transferred to the new passport. Please submit your new passport to ISMU office for further action and advice.

3. I had renewed my passport and I want to submit for renewal. What should I do?

  You need transfer your current student pass/visa first in your new passport before you can submit for renewal. Please refer to the transfer of student pass/visa section.

4. I had renewed my passport but my student pass is expiring soon. I do not think I have ample time for the transfer of student pass process. Can I submit for the renewal straightly? If yes, should I submit a copy of new passport or old passport?

  • It is not advisable to do so unless due to unavoidable reason & circumstances, you may submit for student pass renewal.
  • You need to submit a copy of your new passport. However, if your current student visa and your current/latest entry date stamp is in your old passport you are also required to submit your old passport copies.
  • Entry date stamp is the blue stamp that you got at Immigration KLIA during your entry into Malaysia.