1. What is i-Kad in Malaysia?

i-Kad is an identity card for non-Malaysian citizens and it will only be issued upon the issuance of a student pass. However, i-Kad is not a replacement document for international travel or travels between West Malaysia (Peninsular Malaysia) and East Malaysia (Sabah and Sarawak).

2. What is the validity of the i-Kad?

Your i-Kad will be issued on annual basis together with your student pass. The validity of the i-Kad will be referred to your student pass expiry.

3.When and where can I get my i-Kad?

Your i-Kad will be available 1 month after your student pass has been issued. ISMU will notify you through UTP email if your i-Kad is ready for collection. Please collect your i-Kad at Block F, ISMU’s office, Registry.

4.I am not available to collect my i-Kad. Can I ask my friend to collect it?

You may do so by providing an authorization letter. The letter needs to be duly signed by the owner and the representative are required to bring the hardcopy of the letter. Please refer Authorisation Letter for the sample

5.I lost my i-Kad. Can I get a new one?

Please submit a copy of police report and inform us to apply for a new i-Kad. A fee RM 50 will be charged for the issuance of new i-Kad.