Special Pass (SP)


1. What is Special Pass?

Special Pass (SP) is a temporary pass which is issued by the Malaysian Immigration Department to allow foreign nationals which includes international students to extend their stay in Malaysia due to ‘special’ circumstances. Each SP is valid for a maximum of 30 days. It is the Malaysian Immigration Department’s prerogative to issue an SP based on the reasons and justifications

provided. (Reference: Education Malaysia Global Services, 2021)


2. Can I apply for special pass?

Ipoh State Immigration Department only issue the special pass on the situation below: However, it is subjected to the Immigration’s approval.


Circumstances Examples of Situations
Making Arrangement to Exit Malaysia
This type of SP is granted in cases where new international students need to extend their stay in Malaysia for less than 30 days (for instance, if the international student is not able to leave Malaysia before the expiry of their current pass). For this, the international student needs to provide a copy of the flight itinerary, showing the intended date of departure from Malaysia and if approved, the Immigration may extend the pass up till the intended departure date

  • If a Visa Approval Letter(VAL) and/or a Visa Approval Letter(VAL) appeal is rejected
  • A Failed Post-Arrival VAL medical screening or appeal

*(Reference: Education Malaysia Global Services, 2021)
For other reasons and justifications, the case will not be entertained. Immigration Ipoh will force those students to leave the country before the expiry of the student pass or the student will be subjected to the overstay cases.