1. When is 22nd Convocation Registration?
22nd Convocation Registration is from 28 September – 19 October 2022.

2. How to register for convocation attendance?
Graduands are required to verify their attendance through UCampus Portal. Convocation registration is only applicable for class of 2022.

3. Who is eligible to attend the UTP 22nd Convocation Ceremony?
This Convocation Ceremony will involve graduands who have completed their studies in accordance to the Senate’s approval from November 2021 until September 2022.

4. How to login UCampus?

Kindly login into UCampus ( Please click on the Staff/Student Sign in button to login into UCampus.

5. I forgot my UCampus password. How can I reset my password or is there any other way to register beside through UCampus?
Registration for convocation attendance is done only through UCampus (My Convocation tab > Convocation Registration). If you are unable to login into UCampus, please contact ITMS Team through UCS Portal (

6. I am not attending convocation ceremony, do I need to register?
Yes, to facilitate our planning, you still need to response to convocation attendance via UCampus. During this process, you also need to confirm your mailing address for convocation documents postage.

7. Am I invited to the convocation ceremony after collecting my early scroll?
Yes. All graduands of class 2022 will be invited to convocation ceremony.

8. Is convocation attendance compulsory?
The convocation ceremony is not compulsory for graduates. You may decide to attend or not attend the convocation.

9. I am not able to attend convocation ceremony. What is the procedure to collect my transcript and certificate?
If you do not wish to attend convocation, kindly proceed to confirm your attendance (not attend) through UCampus. During this process, you need to confirm your mailing address for graduation document postage. Kindly note that, those who are not attending convocation their graduation document will be couriered to the registered mailing address in UCampus.

10. I am not sure if I can attend the ceremony. If I don’t register now, can I still attend the ceremony on that day?
Attendance is strictly by registration. Please confirm your attendance status at any time before the deadline. Any request to attend convocation ceremony after registration deadline will not be entertained.

11. I have registered and made the payment but did not receive any confirmation email. When can I received confirmation email?
Once payment has been verified and approved, you will get the confirmation letter via email, or you may view your payment status at My Convocation Dashboard in UCampus.

12. When can I download UTP invitation ticket?
You can download invitation ticket after you have registered online for the graduation ceremony and payment has been cleared in the system.

13. I have registered for convocation earlier, but I have changed my mind. Will I be able to cancel my registration?
You are not able to amend your registration after confirmation of attendance. You are not allowed to cancel your registration after confirmation of attendance.

14. May I know if it is possible if my parents/family attend the convocation on my behalf? Since I am not in Malaysia during convocation.
If you are unable to attend, parents could not receive the scroll on your behalf, and your name will not be shown on the stage. However, your name will only appear in the programme book.

15. I am currently in my final semester. When is my convocation ceremony?
22nd Convocation in November 2022 is for class of 2022. Graduands for the convocation ceremony have been finalized. Hence those who completed their study after Senate on 22nd Sep 2022 will be bring to Class of 2023 convocation (tentatively in Nov 2023).

16. I am unable to attend the convocation since I am not in Malaysia. I understand that parents could not receive the scroll on my behalf. However, can my parents attend the convocation ceremony as guests?
Registered guests can only attend the ceremony if their son/daughter is attending the ceremony.


1. How much is the convocation fee?
Convocation ceremony fee differs according to the level of study. Convocation fee for Undergraduate is RM 300.00 and for MSc and PhD is RM 350.00.

2. Is it possible to make a refund if I am not able to attend convocation. I have confirmed my attendance yesterday and completed the registration process.
Convocation fee paid is NOT refundable/transferable to other student if graduand unable to attend convocation ceremony.

3. When is the deadline to pay for convocation fee?
Payment need to be done and uploaded in UCampus before the registration deadline.

4. I have confirmed my attendance before the deadline, however I forgot to make payment. Can I still pay after the registration period closed?
No. Your registration will be voided and we will not entertain any late payment made after the registration closed.


1. When is the 22nd Convocation?
The 22nd Convocation will be held on 6 - 7 November 2022.

2. When is my exact date of convocation session?
Convocation session will be announced on 8th October 2022.

3. When is the rehearsal?
The Convocation Rehearsal is scheduled on Saturday, 5th November 2022 (10.30am-12.30pm), at Chancellor Hall.

4. Do we have lift inside the chancellor hall to help OKU moves to upstairs? If no, can we request for seats that are on the ground floor? Since we can’t climb up the stairs.
During convocation registration, please remarks “Using Wheelchair” if you or one of your guests is using wheelchair. OKU/Wheelchairs will be seated at the ground floor. Toilet at basement and we have lift for that. You are required to bring your own wheelchair during convocation ceremony. 


1. How many guests can each graduand bring to convocation?
Each graduand have a maximum of two (2) invited guests.

2. Do graduands need to register their guests?
Yes, graduands need to register their guests during convocation registration. Once completed, system will generate guest tickets for UTP entry purpose.

3. I would like to bring family members during convocation, will they be allowed into the Chancellor Hall?
Only graduates and registered guests are allowed to enter the Chancellor Hall during convocation ceremony. We hope that you can arrange other family members to wait outside the Chancellor Hall during the ceremony.

4. Can I register my 2 years old daughter as a guest?
Children below 12-years old are not allowed to enter the convocation hall during the Convocation Ceremony.


1. When can I collect my convocation robe?
Robe collection will be made available starting on 31st October 2022 – 4th November 2022 at Undercroft, Chancellor Complex.

2. What do I need to bring during robe collection?
Please bring along UTP invitation ticket to enter UTP Campus for robe collection. You can either show us the hardcopy of the UTP invitation ticket or the softcopy of the UTP invitation ticket via your mobile device.

3. I'm currently working, is it possible to ask someone else to collect the robe?
Yes, if your friends/family members are collecting your graduation robe on your behalf, kindly ensure that they have your UTP invitation ticket.

4. When do I have to return my convocation robe?
The convocation robe, mortar board and hood MUST can be returned at UTP Main Hall from 6-10 November 2022.


1. It is MOHE Tracer Study compulsory for all graduates?
Yes, it is COMPULSORY for all graduate’s class 2022 to complete the tracer study via MOHE’s website ( The link will be activated from 23 September – 30 December 2022. Graduates are advised to keep the confirmation slip as a proof of completion. You are required to upload the survey slip during convocation registration in UCampus.

2. Who should I contact to update my detail in tracer study?

For further enquiry or update detail, please email to our representative from Registration & Examination Department, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS - Mr Anas (