1. Where can I get the exam slip?
Exam Slip can be downloaded from UCampus Portal at least one week before the scheduled examination period in each semester. Kindly login into UCampus, go to “My Timetable” tab, and click Download Exam Slip.

2. How can I print the exam slip?
The exam slip must be printed in blank A4 paper (white) only. You are not allowed to print on colored A4 paper.

3. Can I bring softcopy of exam slip to exam venue?
No, you are not allowed to enter exam venue without the printed exam slip.

4. Should I bring exam slip during examination?
Yes, you need to bring the exam slip for each final examination paper (face to face).

5. When can I print my exam slip?
You are advised to print the exam slip as early as possible to avoid any issue raised during examination.

6. Why my profile picture doesn’t appear in the exam slip?
The profile picture in exam slip is optional. Kindly ensure name, student ID, exam ID and all your registered courses appeared in the exam slip.

7. Why the withdrawn course is still in my exam slip?
Yes, withdrawn course still appeared in your exam slip. Kindly ignore it as you are not eligible to sit for the said course.

8. What are the important information required in exam slip?
It is your responsibility to check that the list of registered courses and all other particulars printed on your exam slip are complete and accurate. Kindly immediately inform Registration & Examination Department (REX) of any errors.

9. How can I amend my personal details (name or profile photo) in exam slip?
Kindly log a case through UCS portal by following below steps:
Title      :   Update Personal Details
Type     :   Request
Subject :   ARM – Admission, Records & Marketing
Enquiry :  (Name, Student ID, Details to amend)

Please attach your Identification Card/Passport/Passport photo for this request.

10. I have an issue regarding my exam slip. What should I do?
Please log a case through UCS Portal. You may refer to the guideline provided as below:

Title          :      Exam Slip
Subject     :      REG – Registration & Examination (REX)